2001: A geek odyssey

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Less short facts:

The main part of the conference, with the speeches and stuff, will be held at the Institute of Informatics here at the University of Oslo.

If you're wondering about the weather in Oslo, take a look here.

Price and Registration:

The price has been set at 150 NOK (includes breakfast and lunch (not dinner) Saturday and breakfast Sunday), without the dinner friday night which is 300 NOK extra.

To register, send a mail til registration@nuccc.org, with the names of the participants and (if at all possible) information about how and when you arrive in Oslo. Also, remember to include information about special diet needs (vegetarian, halal, kosher, allergies, etc.)


We have booked the gym at Ullevål Skole, which is a ten minute walk from the University Campus. Remember to bring sleeping bags and mats, like last year. Thanks to SGI for sponsoring the accomodation.

How to get where:

We've put up some driving directions and maps, in case someone doesn't use public transportation.

Ifi is building G04 in the top left corner of this map. It's building 101 in top left of this one.

To get to campus from downtown, you'll want to take the subways shown here. They are number 4 and 5, towards Blindern and Sognsvann.

See also How to get to Oslo.



All dayArrivals and registration: All registration will be done at Ifi (the Institute of Informatics), it will be possible to dump luggage at Ullevål Skole between 1600 (when class 6b is done with their gym lessons) and 1800 (when we eat.)
1800Welcoming Dinner at Ifi. Dress code is rather informal; no need to bring the suit & tie, but you might consider bringing pants without holes.
After dinnerDrinking of beer. Discussion of various obscure topics. We'll be selling beer and other beverages at reasonable (by Norwegian standards, at least) prices, so it's not bring-your-own-beer. Sorry. :)


1000-1100Lars Håkedal (SGI): "XFS vs. other UNIX-filesystems / numaflex"
1120-1220Mark Burgess (of Cfengine fame, HiO): "Computer Immunology"
1320-1420Nicolai Langfeldt (Author of "The Concise Guide to DNS and BIND", Linpro AS): "DNS & Friends"
1440-1540Petter Reinholdtsen: RoboCup
1600-Lego Mindstorms-competition


1000-NUCC general meeting. The agenda in Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian.

How to get to Oslo:

From Sweden:

From Stockholm there are both trains and buses several times a day. From other parts of Sweden, your guess is probably as good as ours.

From Finland:

The easiest way from Finland is probably boat (or something) to Stockholm, and the above mentioned buses or trains to Oslo. If you're in a hurry, plane is also an option, although more expensive.

Earlier NUCCC's:

2000 (Åbo), 1999 (Stockholm), 1998 (Trondheim).


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